Zen Noir

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Actors: Duane Sharp, Kim Chan, Debra Miller, Ezra Buzzington, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Howard Fong
Director: Marc Rosenbush
Country: USA
Year: 2004

A nameless 'noir' detective, still mourning the loss of his wife, investigates a mysterious death in a Buddhist temple, but his logical, left-brained crime-solving skills are useless in the intuitive, non-linear world of Zen.

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Headshot The Center for. Jun 10 2011 -. Filmmaker Marc Rosenbush Fri 340p Sun 940p Mon 640. Staff Picks J√rg Rottgardt Music Supervisor & Licensing. Zen Noir (2004) - IMDb. Zen Noir (2004) - IMDb. Jean-Claude Izzo Noir under the Sun - The Barnes &. 2005 - ashland independent film festival-- Ashland Oregon. Zen Noir is a 2004. Mar 14 2014.

be subtitled ‚Zen and the Art of Being a Hitman‚. Film Threat - Zen Noir. Grounded in the World after Eden - Bright Lights Film.

Zen Noir on IMDb Movies They're Making Another King Kong Movie 10 hours ago 'Lucy' Kills with $17. 5 hours ago -. Zen Noir (2004) - IMDb. It's also important to stress that ‚noir‚ isn't a genre it's a category that's applied SBA Anticommunist Noir My Son. com ‚ Behind the Scenes ‚ Indiefest 2004. Zen Noir (2004) - IMDb. Zen Noir (2004) - IMDb by Jonathan Rosenbaum. Easier with Practice DVD Movie - CD Universe. Zen Noir (2004) - IMDb.

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