Ukryta strona ksiezyca

Genres: Drama
Actors: Robert Lepage, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Marco Poulin, Céline Bonnier, Fabrice Mongeau, Raphaël Dury, Étienne Bouchard-Dauphin, Gregory Hlady, Yves Amyot, Richard Fréchette, Érika Gagnon, Sergei Priselkov, Sophie Faucher, Lorraine Côté, Oleg Belkin
Director: Robert Lepage
Country: Canada
Year: 2003
IMDB Rating: 105 min (7.2/10 (1,529 votes) votes)

Forty-something Quebeçois Philippe Roberge is floundering in his life. He believes that no one listens to him or takes him seriously. A graduate student in Philosophy of Scientific Culture, he has just failed his Ph.D. dissertation for the second time, his theory of interest in outer space being a narcissistic response from man being widely rejected throughout the community. To make ends meet, he works selling newspaper subscriptions. And he has a cordial but basically non-existent relationship with his ex-wife. Philippe examines his life in response to the recent death of his mother coupled with his dissertation beliefs. Although she lived in a care home, he acted as her primary caregiver. His only remaining family is his younger gay brother, André, the two who could not have more different temperaments. As such, they do not get along. Following his mother's death, Philippe's thoughts about his life are influenced by three major incidents: being invited to speak at a major conference...

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