The Garden of Steven

Genres: Short, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Actors: John Dow, Ian Fay, Roberto Diaz Gomar, Randy Guerra, Ana Elisa Juarcas, Chris Keener, Fernando Martínez, Jorge Munoz, Olga Segura, Gonzalo Ticun
Country: USA
Year: 2012
IMDB Rating: 22 min (5.9/10 (9 votes) votes)

Steven Crosby wakes up in Antigua, Guatemala with a mission. He has just one day to convert as many locals as he can, armed with only some religious comic books and a couple words of high school Spanish. If he fails, his father, the local preacher, will make Steven pack his things and return to Ohio to a life of menial work in the church. His attempts to bring the locals the good news are thwarted by comic misunderstanding, bad luck, and all manner of mishaps. Just as Steven is about to give up, he has a chance encounter with a sodden street vendor, who puts him on a journey to find a shadowy figure named Maximon - a mix of a Mayan God and a Catholic Saint, and the patron of sinners, prostitutes, and drunks. Steven meets a plucky young Mayan girl and a beautiful, quick witted bar tender who help Steven find Maximon, and himself, along the way. With their help, Steven takes the low road to find a different sort of salvation.

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