The Divine Emerald

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller
Actors: Johar Abraham, Alvis Adair Jr., Nikole Adams, David Addison, Dele Arawole, Muriel Ayodeji, Obron Barnes, Paul Barnes, Lekisha Beavers, Tajudeen Bioku, Avon Bragg, Nina Brooks, Robert Brooks, David Bruno, Sally Bwayo
Director: Tajudeen Bioku
Country: USA
Year: 2004

This film is an action/adventure/thriller story, cutting across all genres of film aesthetics. Although, certain supernatural powers are exhibited extensively, the film's main theme is a confrontation between good and evil. "The Divine Emerald" is an adventure of a normal, "nine-to-five," kind of guy, who lays down his life, wealth, love life, and all comfort of life for a heroic act of delivering the Universe from the damnable clutches of LUCIFER. Today, the world has turned as ambiguously as it can be, and it is difficult to find anyone to volunteer his service, sincerely, for the betterment of his fellow human beings. Everybody has become self-centered, blindly vouching for him/herself. Ryan Grover is a different personality; he is ready to step-in and save the humanity from an imminent doom.

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