The Blue Light

Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Actors: Viktor Semyonov, Fred Delmare, Katharina Thalbach, Helmut Straßburger, Blanche Kommerell, Marylu Poolman, Christa Löser, Jaecki Schwarz, Günter Schubert, Carl Heinz Choynski, Kurt Radeke, Pedro Hebenstreit, Jürgen Hölzel, Reka, Joachim Schönitz
Director: Iris Gusner
Country: East Germany
Year: 1976

Hans the farmer is drawn into war as a soldier. Returning from the front, having been defrauded of his pay by his own king, he makes his way home. On his trip, he encounters a witch who asks him to fetch the light from a spring. He keeps it when the witch tries to deceive him and he discovers her foul magic. When the light is ignited, a little man appears who must serve the owner of the light, but it only has power if the owner has faith in himself. His courage bolstered, Hans goes to the king once more to demand his wages be paid. He is refused yet again, and so he kidnaps the king's daughter, who is now forced to lead Hans' household. The king's bounty hunter captures him and has already erected the gallows when an accidental gunshot delivered by an unsuspecting robber saves Hans' life.

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