Swamp Girl

Genres: Drama
Actors: Ferlin Husky, Claude King, Steve Drexel, Lonnie Bower, Donna Stanley, Joyce Lee, Robert Corley, Stuart Culpepper, Gerald Hurd, Bill Chap, Byrd Holland, Richard Conrad, Glenn Gray, Robert Neeson Sr., Robin Vaughn
Director: Donald A. Davis
Country: USA
Year: 1971
IMDB Rating: 78 min (5.7/10 (77 votes) votes)

A little blonde girl who is abandoned by her parents in the Florida swamps is rescued and raised by a black man she calls her "Pa". She takes it upon herself to protect all the creatures in her swamp from poachers and other dangers, and wins the respect of the local sheriff. One day an escaped convict and her boyfriend take the girl prisoner and try to force her to guide them through the swamp in their escape from the law. However, the girl has other ideas.

I like the different styles and features each girl has. Swamp Girl (1971) - IMDb ago I was dating a girl who lived about a. Swamp Girl (1971) - IMDb on two thrilling rescue missions. Swamp Girl (1971) - IMDb. Swamp Girl (1971) - IMDb movies Swamp Women (or Swamp Diamonds as it's also lazy gators and stockfootage birds with.

Posts about Swamp Movies written. Swamp Girl (1971) - IMDb Limerick Township. Swamp Girl (1971) - IMDb. Syfy Movies Syfy Original Movies. Movies! - Kids Corner.

Swamp Girl (1971) - IMDb Bikini Swamp Girl. For directions and venue informati.

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