Stunt Rock

Genres: Action, Drama, Music, Romance
Actors: Grant Page, Monique van de Ven, Margaret Gerard, Paul Haynes, Curtis Hyde, Greg Magie, Smokey Huff, Richie King, Perry Morris, Doug Loch, Richard Blackburn, Ron Raley, Chris Chalen, T.J. Shaner, Barbara Paskin
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Country: Australia
Year: 1980
IMDB Rating: 86 min (5.4/10 (217 votes) votes)

Australian stuntman Grant Page goes to Los Angeles to work on a television series. He uses his spare time to lend his expertise to rock band Sorcery, whose act features duels between the King of the Wizards and the Prince of Darkness, with his cousin playing the Prince. Page helps the duo develop pyrotechnic magic tricks for their shows, and also finds himself in a budding romance with a magazine writer as he recounts to her his own exploits as a stuntman and daredevil as well as various stunts by other greats.

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