Shaolin Handlock

Genres: Action
Actors: David Chiang, Ping Chen, Lieh Lo, Wai-Man Chan, Lak Apichat, Shen Chan, Hsia Hsu, Kara Hui, Kuang Lo, Wai Lo, Yung-sheng Pan, Li-wei Shen, Te Hsiang Teng, Austin Wai, Dick Wei
Director: Meng Hua Ho
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 1978

As an expert of the 'Cross fists' technique, a reclusive kung fu master Li Pai perfects a lethal maneuver called the 'Shaolin Handlock' while an old wolf-in-sheep's-clothing friend Fang Yun-piao pays the unwitting Li a visit. Fang flees the country after duping and killing Li with a fatal counter-measure. Vowing revenge, surviving son Li Cheng-ying and sister Li Meng-ping follows Fang's trail that leads to Thailand. Upon killing Fang, they discover that he was acting on orders of a local expatriate criminal kingpin, Ling Hao, who partnered with their father in black-market smuggling during the war. Proving his own worthy kung fu skills, Cheng-ying infiltrates Ling's organization as a hired hand to gain Ling's confidence to get closer to him much to the chagrin & suspicions of Ling's right hand man Kun Shih who engages Cheng-ying into a deadly cat & mouse game behind enemy lines. After a failed assassination attempt on Ling by Meng-ping, the intrigue is diverted to a beautiful kept ...

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