Genres: Action, Drama
Actors: Tonny Tulleners, Don Murray, Robert Logan, Allen Williams, Kathryn Daley, Ross Elliott, John Anderson, Bart Braverman, Tom McFadden, Billy Hayes, Adam Pearson, Ari Barak, Adam Ageli, John Lazar, Pamela Jean Bryant
Director: William Riead
Country: USA
Year: 1986
IMDB Rating: 98 min (3.9/10 (65 votes) votes)

When gun-wielding guerillas skyjack a Los Angeles airliner, the government calls in the one man who can get the job done. He's the Scorpion - a hardcore intelligence agent and the prime target of every country's hit list. The Scorpion defuses the skyjacking, but steps into an international scheme involving the assassination of a Faued, an imprisoned kingpin turned informant. When the Scorpion's lifelong friend and partner is killed, he unleashes his ultimate sting - avenging his buddy's death and finding Faued's killers before they find him.

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