Redirecting Eddie

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Actors: Nathaniel Eaton, Jonathan Moore, Fred Berman, Deirdre Coleman Imus, Valerie Perrine, Steven Marcus, Jaid Barrymore, Nashid Fareed, Jimmy Aquino, James C. Burns, Rosa Curry, Ed Koch, Dijon, Matt Skollar, Michelle Spires
Director: Laurence N. Kaldor
Country: USA
Year: 2008

Making an indie film is murder under the best of circumstances, but first-time director Eddie Vassick's scenario is chaotic. Halfway through filming his main investor croaks. He has to tangle with the investor's widow who not only demands a plum role in the film when she's never acted a day in her life, but sells the film's rights to none other than Eddie's domineering older brother Warren. Warren is a B-movie mogul, king of commercial flicks, who has cast a shadow over Eddie his entire life. Eddie is forced to bend to Warren's will, and Warren immediately issues an impossible ultimatum, true to form. Eddie must re-shoot the entire film in costly 35mm format in four weeks time, or control of the entire project will revert to Warren. Meanwhile, Warren, who has always been secretly jealous of his little brother's inherent talents, has gotten his hands on a copy of Eddie's script and views this project as his one shot to catapult himself from the "B" leagues into the majors. Warren ...

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