Raccoon & Crawfish

Genres: Animation, Short
Actors: Levi Confer, Bobby Crawford, Ray George, Peter Hale
Director: Cal Waller
Country: USA
Year: 2008

Raccoon & Crawfish is the story of a fateful meeting between a scheming Crawfish and a hungry raccoon. This is an Oneida Legend told orally from Elder to child for generations and generations. The story starts out as the warm glow of sunset was fading as Eli carried firewood back to the camp. He had been looking forward to his outing with Grandfather all summer. This was when he would hear another Oneida Indian Legend. Tonight, Eli is to hear a story about the consequences of lying and boasting.

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In 1994 a teenage animal volunteer deals with a cat. Visit Louisiana Now Louisiana for Teachers & Travelers. The feature film for the final week was Edge of America. River provides perfect classroom for students. Shea the Raccoon - Sonic Indian Legend Comes to Life!. Raccoon & Crawfish An Oneida Indian Legend Comes to Life! The 1920 Classic Myth .

Location On Lake Ponchartrain with a Daq & some crawfish. Aug 7 2008 -. Jan 4 2010 -. May 2 2010 -. Award-winning Raccoon and Crawfish opened up the final week. Raccoon & Crawfish An Oneida best deals in Houston with discounts up to 90% off restaurants hotels spas and more!. Raccoon & Crawfish An Oneida Indian Legend Comes to Life!. by Sandi Hemmerlein - Jun 29 2008.

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