Planet of the Pitts

Genres: Comedy, Action
Actors: Semos Gardner, Mirya Royal, Rokki James, Elias McCabe, Beau Hodges, Jay Kruetzer, Talitha Peters, Desi Singh, Matthew McGrory, Dennis Farina, Shannon Fenady, Craig Gellis, Martinique Paratore, Quentin Tarantino, Celeste Octavia
Director: Rokki James
Country: USA
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 112 min (3.2/10 (122 votes) votes)

First day on the job publicist Mark Clock has the assignment of a lifetime; to pick up A list Brad Beau Hodges (modeled after Brad Pitt) and while avoiding paparazzi, safely escort the celebrity to his own surprise birthday party in Malibu. The mission goes sour when Brad accidentally drinks a coke containing roach repellent at a Nuclear Power Plant located in Sun Valley, Ca. Bear (modeled after Kid Rock / power plant supervisor) suggests taking Brad to the nearest supermarket and purchase a laxative as an antidote for relieving Brad from his Planet of the Apes hallucinations caused by the poisoned soda. The two elect to stop at Mark's psychiatrist before the supermarket run. Dr. Rosenblum a psychiatrist who takes control of the situation by choosing to be the designated driver; only Rosenblum has his own plans and appoints to drive to the city of Compton to aid his crack addiction. In the heat of panic, Mark is accompanied with a strange entourage including a Pimp from the ghetto. ...

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Planet of the Pitts (2004). Planet of the Pitts (2004) - IMDb.

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