Pink Punch

Genres: Drama, Sport
Actors: Jose Yenque, Rodrigo Oviedo, Marius Biegai, Jaime Camil, Omar Chaparro, Eduardo España, Roberto Espejo, Julio Cesar Fido, Jesús Ochoa, Robert C. Pemelton, Adal Ramones, José Sefami, Cecilia Suárez, Marco Treviño, Kandido Uranga
Director: Beto Gómez
Country: Mexico
Year: 2004

Jimmy Morales is a young boxer which works as well at the family business, a funerary frequently used by the local mafia. One night he witnesses a murder and the killer, Germán Corona,let him run away, but later they find each other again in jail, to where Jimmy falls due to his father bets. They last encounter will happen outside the jail and will mark them both forever.

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