Genres: Drama
Actors: He Huang, Yiqing Li, Yuan Tian, Youcai Wu
Director: Chao Wang
Country: France
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 88 min (6.7/10 (291 votes) votes)

A country schoolteacher reaching retirement comes to Wuhan in search of his only son. His dying wife has requested to see her boy one last time. He is met by his daughter Yanhong who works as an escort in a karaoke bar. Yanhong introduces him to a policeman who sympathizes with his plight and agrees to help him to find his son. The two quickly become friends. Yanhong also presents her father to her boyfriend, the owner of the karaoke, an older man, who drives a luxury car. However when the four of them meet for dinner one night the old policeman recognizes the boyfriend as a man he arrested over ten years ago...

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