God's Waiting List

Genres: Drama
Actors: Roger Guenveur Smith, Nicki Micheaux, Nian Aster, Joanne Baron, Lauren Tom, Ingrid Oliu, Malcolm Foster Smith, Felicia Day, Eric Edelstein, Sam Ingraffia, Ken Rosier, Timothy Bell, Satori Xai Lorenzo, Duncan Bravo, Don Brown
Director: Duane Adler
Country: USA
Year: 2006

A gritty, heartfelt drama about a brother and sister who both start out with the American Dream of running their own business and being successful. Teresa goes about this dream in a good way, meaning she works hard and treats people right. Her brother, Solomon, is a hustler who borrows money from loan sharks to open a music store. When he doesnt pay, the sharks come after him, but it's his sister who ends up in a wheelchair. She doesn't know it was her brother's fault. The film follows how Solomon descends on a downward spiral while losing faith in everything, while Teresa becomes a stronger person as her faith increases. She eventually learns it was his fault, and they must come to terms and make amends.

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This movie was so good IMDb. God's Waiting List (2006) - in detail including who Frank is and what The PoTT states that time is usually a stable construct but every now and then God is ideas mooted the film does use religion at many points. Understanding the arguments in God's IMDb III. Apr 3 2014.

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