Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Actors: Paul Dano, Zooey Deschanel, John Goodman, Edward Asner, Jane Alexander, Ian Roberts, Robert Stanton, Clarke Peters, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Mary Page Keller, Zach Galifianakis, Brian Avers, Leven Rambin, Susan Misner, Matt Walton
Director: Matt Aselton
Country: USA
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 98 min (6.1/10 (7,529 votes) votes)

Do we ever get what we want? Brian sells mattresses in a warehouse store. His father and older brothers have material success; he wants a child. He's applied to adopt a baby from China. A man who appears homeless seems to be stalking Brian with violent intent. He meets Happy, the daughter of a rich, quirky customer. She doesn't stick to anything, but she and Brian hit it off, except for her vomiting when she learns about his adoption idea. He wants her to meet his family, and there's a call about the adoption. What will Happy do?

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