Freeze Frame

Genres: Thriller, Crime, Drama
Actors: Lee Evans, Sean McGinley, Ian McNeice, Colin Salmon, Rachael Stirling, Rachel O'Riordan, Andrew Wilson, Andrea Grimason, Martin McSharry, Gabriella Henriette, Emily Anthony, Ryan McKenna
Director: John Simpson
Country: UK
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 99 min (6.5/10 (2,369 votes) votes)

Ten years ago, after being accused of a hideous murder of a mother and her twin daughters, Sean Veil became paranoid, filming himself along twenty-four hours a day to have an alibi if necessary. The small time psychologist Saul Seger became a famous forensic profiler and writer with the case and every now and then he accuses Sean Veil of the crime. The reporter Katie Carter believes in Sean's innocence. When the body of the missing Mary Shaw is found, Sean has to prove where he was five years ago. However, the tapes that can prove that he is not guilty have mysteriously disappeared from the storage shelf and Sean suspects that Saul has stolen them to incriminate him.

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