Genres: Drama, Romance
Actors: Emmanuel Xuereb, Charis Michelsen, Lee Holmes, Oz Perkins, Cindy Lou Adkins, Jenya Lano, David Starzyk, Johnatan Rosario, Jenn Fong, Junichi Suzuki, Laurie Wagner, Katie Cerio, Shawna Casey, Lori Petro, Kathleen Gati
Director: Ann Lu
Country: USA
Year: 2005
IMDB Rating: 100 min (5/10 (140 votes) votes)

Haunted by a failing relationship, Gabe devises a risqué game for escape. He invites Irene to dinner at a lavish mansion. Unhappily married, Irene finds the temptation irresistible when Gabe invites her on a second date. To her surprise, she meets him at a humble suburban home. Playfully, Gabe admits that he broke into both houses for their trysts. A frightened Irene returns to her husband. Unable to make peace with his past, Gabe escalates his pursuit of Irene, who ultimately surrenders to the thrill of abandoning her life and having sex with Gabe in strangers' homes. House after house they push the limits, defying reality by living stolen lives. But is there really an escape from life? And how far can they go before their past catches up with them?

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