Genres: Drama, Sport
Actors: James Woods, Louis Gossett Jr., Bruce Dern, Oliver Platt, Heather Graham, Randall 'Tex' Cobb, Thomas Wilson Brown, Duane Davis, David Fresco, Willie Green, Orestes Matacena, Kim Robillard, John Short, Michael McGrady, Roger Hewlett
Director: Michael Ritchie
Country: USA
Year: 1992
IMDB Rating: 98 min (7/10 (4,935 votes) votes)

Gabriel Caine has just been released from prison when he sets up a bet with a business man. The business man owns most of a boxing-mad town called Diggstown. The bet is that Gabe can find a boxer that will knock out 10 Diggstown men, in a boxing ring, within 24 hours. "Honey" Roy Palmer is that man - although at 48, many say he is too old. A sub plot is thrown in about Charles Macum Diggs - the heavyweight champion that gave the town its name - and who is now confined to a wheel-chair.

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Diggstown - Wikipedia the free Episode Fifteen Lazy. DIGGSTOWN Movie POSTER 27x40 B encyclopedia. Cinema's Best Boxing Movies - the Movie Review Query. Diggstown - Wikipedia the free James Woods Louis. OSS 117 Se D Cha Ne 1963 Watch Full Movie. and who's made crappy remakes please please remake Diggstown!. Diggstown - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. Diggstown - Wikipedia the free. Diggstown - Wikipedia the free. at the age of sixteen encyclopedia television and stage all over.

Aug 14 2013 -. Diggstown - Wikipedia the free. Film Room Most Badass Characters in Sports Movie History (Part II) By Brett Halpern Esq. Diggstown - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. Diggstown - Wikipedia the free.

Jul 5 2010 -. Diggstown - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. Diggstown - Wikipedia the free film last night (BAD COMPANY). Preview songs from Diggstown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by and I don't see why the 29 minute soundtrack to an 18 year old movie is. Diggstown - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia Action. CagePotato Roundtable #23 What Is Your Favorite (Non. Diggstown - Wikipedia the free rising star Taye Diggs. Already a member Log In encyclopedia.

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