Genres: Drama
Actors: Miguel Paneke, Alyn Darnay, Yas Giraldo, Maili Nomm, Bonnie Calean, Maili N├Ámm, Jenny Marrero, Denis Sharshunskiy, Armando Naranjo, Tom Colucci, Harry Marsh, Christopher Green, Omayra Omi Torres, Tommy Groth, Laurel Levey
Director: Walter Rodriguez
Country: USA
Year: 2011
IMDB Rating: 91 min (8.2/10 (34 votes) votes)

An unemployed man opens a Church to live from the tithes. A teenager sells her body to buy the things her mother cannot buy for her. A young girl, sexually abused by her father, cannot accept he has moved out. A bitter man finds a purpose for his empty life in his best friend's wife. An Eastern European immigrant pushes his wife to work in a strip club to pay his debts. Five interlocked stories offer a provocative vision of the Ten Commandments and how nowadays, many people have to break them in order to survive.

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