Dead Canaries

Genres: Crime
Actors: Neville Archambault, Angelo Bonsignore, Anthony Caso, Charles Durning, Brandon Fox, Gian-Murray Gianino, Frank Gio, Joel Higgins, Jane Jensen, Dan Lauria, Joe Leone, Neil Levine, Michael Lombard, Chris Lutkin, Bryan Michael McGuire
Director: Robert Santoli
Country: USA
Year: 2003

When small-time mobster, Vito Scaldifieri, is framed for the murder of an undercover Federal Agent, he has two choices - face the death sentence or "sing" to the Feds for their case against mob boss Paulie DeMartino. Though telling all to the government goes against every fiber of his being, he knows it's the only way to save his life and, more importantly, guarantee the safety of his beloved wide Sharon. After a trial in which Paulie is indicted, Vito and Sharon are given new identities and placed into the Witness Portection Program. What they aren't told, however, is that in recent months, several mobsters under government protection have been assassinated in cities and towns all over the country. How they were being found and killed was anyone's guess. Jimmy Kerrigan, a tough, old-school newspaper reporter, begins investigating the Witness Protection Program killings. After winning Sharon's trust he becomes a confidante to both husband and wife throughout Vito's trial, imprisonment...

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