Genres: Drama
Actors: Paul Clemens, Debra Henri, Jeff Bergquist, Michael James Kacey, Mitch Campbell, Ian Tomaschik, Christopher Roberts, Candace Greco, Rachel Rhodes, Jacquelyn Poplar, Sean Crouse, Robbie Barclay, Rocky Reed, Scotty Hauser, Deborah Curtis
Director: Michael James Kacey
Country: USA
Year: 2001
IMDB Rating: 90 min (7.1/10 (11 votes) votes)

Jeff Stokes is an artist whose need to create extends beyond the canvas; in fact, his need/obsession is to procreate. This obsession paves the way for Jeff to strike a damning bargain once he finds that his wife Michele can no longer conceive. For Jeff, the next daybreak becomes not only the beginning of a new day, but the end of an old life. He wakes into a world where his wish has been fulfilled. He and Michele have their own children, but the event that enabled this change has forever altered them both. When Jeff discovers that he no longer paints, indeed that his artistic endeavors are stifled by insecurity, he sees himself a man turned bitter with anger and despair. "Daybreak" follows Jeff's struggle to discover what went wrong, as he uncovers personal demons and death on his own journey to damnation.

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