Black Samson

Genres: Action, Drama
Actors: Rockne Tarkington, William Smith, Connie Strickland, Carol Speed, Michael Payne, Joe Tornatore, Titos Vandis, Napoleon Whiting, John Alderman, Fred Scheiwiller, Ernest Robinson, Nick Dimitri, Ken Bell, Junero Jennings, Marvin Walters
Director: Charles Bail
Country: USA
Year: 1974
IMDB Rating: 88 min (6/10 (198 votes) votes)

Noble nightclub owner Samson does his best to keep his neighborhood clean of crime and drugs. When vicious mobster Johnny Nappa tries to muscle in on Samson's territory, Samson takes a brave stand against Nappa and his flunkies.

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Black Samson (1974) - IMDb. Mar 30 2014 -. Apr 12 2013.

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Jan 7 2013 -. Black Samson (1974) - IMDb. Black Samson (1974) - IMDb Collection (Black Belt Jones. Black Samson (1974) - IMDb MKV AC3 Complete. Black Samson (1974) - IMDb a ride then kills a lion with his hands her Man Won't Get Drunk. Black Samson (1974) - IMDb muscle in on black nightclub owner Rockne Tarkington in this silly blaxploitation film. souvenir movie programs - greetings.

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