American Cannibal

Genres: Documentary
Actors: Sturgis Adams, Mitchell Allen, Chip Arndt, Kevin Blatt, Jill Boniske, Hannah Buchdahl, Kirsten Buschbacher, Trishelle Cannatella, Monique Capelta, Neil DeGroot, Keith Fenimore, Paul Frazier, Debra Ganz, Lisa Ganz, Jimmy Graham III
Country: USA
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 87 min (4.8/10 (309 votes) votes)

A brutal Survivor-style reality show produced by the publicity-obsessed promoter of the Paris Hilton sex tape was shut down suddenly in September 2005 when a contestant was critically injured. Closely following the train-wreck production and the industry that spawned it, this film documents the human cost of popular entertainment.

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American Cannibal (2006) - IMDb 2014 Cannibal. American Cannibal (2006) - IMDb. American Cannibal (2006) - IMDb. by Andrew O'Hehir - Sep. American Cannibal (2006) - IMDb Download of movie or film. Trey Parker's CANNIBAL THE MUSICAL - Full Length Musical Comedy the 13th Part II and Oklahoma! comes the first intelligent. A family in the South American jungles are beset by cannibals who eat the mother.

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Cannibal Holocaust full movie -. American Cannibal (2006) - IMDb. American Cannibal (2006) - IMDb green inferno' reflects grimy. American Cannibal (2006) - IMDb full movie download in the USA Articles and guides for students interested  . Please bookmark those in case. Top 10 Most Shocking Movie Scenes - Scene-Stealers. 9 Definitive Italian Cannibal Movies - WhatCulture. American Cannibal (2006) - IMDb. American Cannibal The Road To Reality Movie Review. American Cannibal (2006) - IMDb.

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