Against All Flags

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance
Actors: Errol Flynn, Maureen O'Hara, Anthony Quinn, Alice Kelley, Mildred Natwick, Robert Warwick, Harry Cording, John Alderson, Phil Tully, Lester Matthews, Tudor Owen, Maurice Marsac, James Craven, James Fairfax
Director: George Sherman
Country: USA
Year: 1952
IMDB Rating: 83 min (6.8/10 (1,228 votes) votes)

In 1700, the pirates of Madagascar menace the India trade; British officer Brian Hawke has himself cashiered, flogged, and set adrift to infiltrate the pirate "republic." There, Hawke meets lovely Spitfire Stevens, a pirate captain in her own right, and the sparks begin to fly; but wooing a pirate poses unique problems. Especially after he rescues adoring young Princess Patma from a captured ship. Meanwhile, Hawke's secret mission proceeds to an action-packed climax.

Against All Flags (1952) - 6.

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