A Veteran Affair

Genres: Short, Drama
Actors: Bob Carter, Ken La Kier, Keri Lurtz, Lanette Robinson, Gordon Tobul, Michael Winslow
Director: Herb Sennett
Country: USA
Year: 2009

Ted, an older middle-aged man, is sitting at a table in the center of the recreation room at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is setting up a chess board with the white pieces on his side. There is a walking cane hung on his chair. After a beat or two, William enters in a wheelchair. Although the two men are not elderly, the extent of their wounds in Vietnam has aged them significantly and has rendered an invalid and William incapable of caring for himself. Ted and William play their usual game of chess as they discuss the various happenings during the past couple of days. As the conversation and game both seem to turn against William and he gets increasing upset. Finally, Ted declares "Check Mate" and gets up to go to the restroom. William is not happy over the results and tries to talk Ted into continuing the game. But, Ted leaves to relieve himself declaring "You don't need me, William. You're too busy entertaining yourself." William looks at the chess ...

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