A propos de America

Genres: Short
Actors: Diego Allione
Director: Luis Cuenca Castro
Country: USA
Year: 2006

"A Propos __ America" is a visual approach to American -and therefore- the world's contemporary history covering the post 9/11 years up to the Katrina's disaster in Louisiana. It contains four short films and an introduction, all of them independent from each other in terms of structure, themes and motifs. Together, they form a cohesive piece, showing the American reality at the beginning of the third millennium. The introduction is a collage of interviews, where the confusion that reigns now in the country is manifested. The first film is a ride through the streets of Los Angeles which uncover, from a driver's P.O.V., the two sides of the city: the bright one, the one seen in almost every single Hollywood movie; and the dark one, the one that's almost never shown. As a whole, it illustrates the huge gap that still exists in American society. The second one is a walk trough the streets of New York and captures the tremendous power the city exerts on its inhabitants, as well as the ...

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