200 Cartas

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Actors: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jaime Camil, Dayanara Torres, Monica Steuer, Mayra Matos Pérez, Victor Alicea, Marisé Alvarez, Neville Archambault, Davila Belkies, Rose Breedlove, Alexandra Carbone, Iris Chacón, Alfredo De Quesada, Ernesto Franco, Czarina Gomez
Director: Bruno Irizarry
Country: Puerto Rico
Year: 2013

200 Cartas is a romantic comedy about the life of a Puerto Rican born in NY. One night, Raul meets Maria, a young Puerto Rican woman visiting New York. The night of their encounter, something dramatic happens and they are suddenly separated. Struck by love at first sight, he travels to Puerto Rico in search of this beautiful girl. This adventure will have him traveling around the island in search of his love.

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