The Riveter

Genres: Animation, Family, Comedy, Short
Actors: Billy Bletcher, Clarence Nash
Director: Dick Lundy
Country: USA
Year: 1940
IMDB Rating: 8 min (7.1/10 (316 votes) votes)

Dodgy construction foreman Pegleg Pete has just fired his riveter. Donald is in need of a job, so he pretends to be experienced and gets it, lacking any competitor. Even the open elevator on the every skyscraper is enough to make Donald sickeningly dizzy, high up the roofless top-floor without railings the work is spooky, but the boss keeps coming up to keep a close eye on him. The damned riveting machine has its own will and much more strength then any duck: it ends up dragging the duck on a wild ride. Greenhorn Donald must also 'serve' lunch, an equilibrium nightmare while the riveting colleagues work their seismic vibes, till short-tempered Pete...

Rosie the Riveter (1944) -. May 19 2014.

Michigan 101 "Rosie the Riveter" was from Michigan Part II. A Binder Full of Women 14 Posters of Women Who eventually she acquiesced to the .

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