The Pact

Genres: Documentary
Actors: Amina Baraka, Amiri Baraka, Malique 'Kenny' Bazemore, Monica Bazemore, Alim Bilal, Bill Cosby, Ruth Davis, Sampson Davis, Carla Dickson, Mecca Hunt, Rameck Hunt, George Jenkins, Viola Johnson, Ella Jenkins Mack, Rhenita Oglesby
Director: Andrea Kalin
Country: USA
Year: 2006
IMDB Rating: 84 min (8.3/10 (23 votes) votes)

A gritty, provocative true-life story of three friends from the 'hood, Rameck Hunt, Sampson Davis, and George Jenkins, who made a pact in high school to find a way to go to college and then medical school. They not only accomplished this, but they're now spreading the word to inspire other inner-city kids to stay off of drugs, out of gangs and to take the educational route to a better life. THE PACT captures the pathos of the men's individual journeys, the integrity of their voices and the power of their rare friendship. Their stories affirm the values that ultimately sustained and drove them: courage, tenacity, and faith. And they give tribute to the life of the mind and its power to turn dreams into reality.

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