The Lone Warrior

Genres: Short, Action, Adventure, Drama
Actors: Jun Blore, Vince Canlas, Sum Choi, Travis Chung, Eidan Hanzei, Maria Inoue, Ryuto Inoue, Ayumi Kairada, Eitaro Kawaguchi, Isaac Lee, Wei Liu, Taishi Mizuno, Masatoshi Nagashima, Masashi Odate, Matthew Perrin
Director: Stephen Griffin
Country: USA
Year: 2010
IMDB Rating: 18 min (7.8/10 (6 votes) votes)

The Lone Warrior chronicles the journey of Hanshiro, a master samurai who carries the most coveted weapon in all of Japan - a legendary sword that prevents its owner from dying in combat. For Hanshiro however, this extraordinary gift came with a price. The sword possesses a curse that deprives him from achieving any joy or honor from fighting, and has caused him to resign from the samurai lifestyle and become a vagrant traveler. When Dorin Munesuke, a prominent samurai lord, discovers Hanshiro's whereabouts and beckons him to fight once more, bloody conflict erupts between the two men to determine if Hanshiro will regain his honor.

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