The Devil's Tail

Genres: Drama, Thriller
Actors: Erika Ancona, Emily Andrews, Juan de Dios Barrueta Rath, Oliver Cantú Lozano, Robert Fulton, Concepción Leòn Mora, Phil Luzi, Sean Martin, Russell Aaron Pech May, Ariadna Medina, Maria Guadalupe May Ortiz, Arthur Pellman, Alvaro Perez, Yasir Rodarte, Samantha Swan
Director: Christopher Comrie
Country: Canada
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 109 min (7.8/10 (13 votes) votes)

When Eddie disappears in the Yucatan, Pete abandons his comfortable life in Toronto to search for his lifelong best friend, a charming Texas ne'er-do-well. Arriving in Mexico with his girlfriend Zoe and pal Dave, they discover a world that is deeper and darker than any tourist image of Cancun. As the hunt progresses, Pete encounters old love Kate who is now Eddie's girlfriend. Meanwhile, several local Mexicans disappeared at the same time as Eddie - a fact noticed by a popular barfly who befriends Pete - who also happens to be retired Texas Border Patrol. Eddie's sudden reappearance only adds to the puzzle as he deflects all questions by distracting them with Southern charm and promise of local adventures. And with Eddie's return, Pete must reluctantly relinquish his role of savior for Kate, who has blinders on to their real circumstances. With this, Pete learns there is more than one way to "disappear" and a startling discovery uncovers more about his past and his former friend than ...

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On The Devil S Tail Across The Stripes Of A. The Devil's Tail (2008) - - Haxan Films. Tasmanian devil - Wikipedia the IMDb. Movies TV & Celebrities . Jun 3 2013 -. This tale is contained in IMDb. The Devil's Tail (2008) - IMDb. Jul 28 2013 -. by jenise alongi.

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