Pedro Páramo

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, War
Actors: John Gavin, Ignacio López Tarso, Pilar Pellicer, Julissa, Graciela Doring, Carlos Fernández, Augusto Benedico, Beatriz Sheridan, Claudia Millán, Rosa Furman, Joaquín Martínez, Jorge Russek, Eric del Castillo, Amparo Villegas, Graciela Lara
Director: Carlos Velo
Country: Mexico
Year: 1967

Highly symbolic and allegorical, this drama takes the search of a son for his father in the chaotic times of the Mexican Revolution and the early 1900s as its basis. Stereotypical (or archetypal) figures from early Mexican cinema appear from time to time, and the violence of the revolutionary period is not glossed over. As the son searches for the father, scenes of the father and his earthy way of living are screened.

Oct 27 2008.

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