No-Good Maxine

Genres: Short, Comedy, Drama, Family
Actors: Melissa Lozoff, Jennifer Russoli, Elijah Chester, Lee Armstrong, Andrew Beckham, Max Flynn, Andrea Alcorn, James Alcorn, Carley Back, Delores Back, Larry Back, Shawn Beach, Patricia Black, Debby Boozer, Rick Boozer
Director: Michael Babbitt
Country: USA
Year: 2011
IMDB Rating: 20 min (5.9/10 (9 votes) votes)

Someone or something has been leaving things for Maxine in the culvert just outside the trailer park. Things she and her family need: socks for her kids, toilet paper, milk, dog food. Things she'd either have to spend her meager paycheck on or steal. She has stolen before out of desperation but stealing is stealing, thieves are thieves. The whole darn town knows about her previous stealing spree and they don't take kindly to that kind of behavior. Some think she's no-good. How's she supposed to justify accepting a whole box of frozen dinners or oil for the pick-up? More importantly, how' she supposed to convince herself that she's worthy, that she's better than no-good?

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