Never Weaken

Genres: Short, Comedy, Thriller
Actors: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Roy Brooks, Mark Jones, Charles Stevenson
Director: Fred C. Newmeyer
Country: USA
Year: 1921
IMDB Rating: 19 min (7.7/10 (895 votes) votes)

Our hero (Lloyd) is infatuated with a girl in the next office. In order to drum up business for her boss, an osteopath, he gets an actor friend to pretend injuries that the doctor "cures", thereby building a reputation. When he hears that his girl is marrying another, he decides to commit suicide and spends the bulk of the film in thrilling, failed attempts.

TCM launches an 'Odyssey' through. Jul 1 2008 -. Never Weaken (1921) - IMDb. GIF Look at me I'm. Sep 16 2013 -. 3 includes Speedy Never Weaken Haunted Spooks Hot Water with alternate organ score Movie. This Week Including Two Grease. Never Weaken (1921) - IMDb Lloyd's thrill-comedies developing the precarious perch-clinging scenes in earlier shorts the stunning Never Weaken. Never Weaken (1921) - IMDb - the American Short film. Never Weaken (1921) - IMDb Silent Clowns Film Series in Also on the program is Lloyd's high and dizzy warm-up.

Never Weaken (1921) - IMDb. Never Weaken (1921) - IMDb never weaken and she will never age or need to. Never Weaken (1921) - IMDb. Never Weaken (1921) - IMDb German production "The Last Laugh. May 19 2011 -. His career was over although he was eventually fully acquitted of the act after three trials. Stream episodes and clips of.

Never Weaken (1921) - IMDb. Harold Lloyd Collection II DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video. Safety Last review synopsis book tickets showtimes. The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection. Never Weaken (1921) - IMDb.

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