Genres: Comedy
Actors: Cynthia Geary, Kelly Boulware, Christina deMille, Tony Leahy, Cory Albright, Joshua Alex, Lacy Altwine, David Baldwin, Tim Barr, Alyson Bedford, Ian Bell, Hugh Berry, Chris Black, Matt Black, Cameron Butler
Director: Tony Leahy
Country: USA
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 93 min (5.8/10 (70 votes) votes)

DENS was a nerd in high school, but now that he's a hipster film student in the big city of Seattle he returns to his rural hometown to seek revenge upon his former tormentors by making a scathing documentary about them. He learns the hard way that things rarely go as planned, especially when generic beer, Trans-Ams and big hair are involved. Dens' documentary begins at his cousin Bob's trailer. Every summer Bob has a "kick ass bash" where all his friends come over to his trailer to barbecue and get drunk.

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