Melvin and Howard

Genres: Comedy, Drama
Actors: Jason Robards, Paul Le Mat, Elizabeth Cheshire, Mary Steenburgen, Chip Taylor, Melvin E. Dummar, Michael J. Pollard, Denise Galik, Gene Borkan, Lesley Margret Burton, Wendy Lee Couch, Marguerite Baierski, Janice King, Deborah Ann Klein, Theodora Thomas
Director: Jonathan Demme
Country: USA
Year: 1980
IMDB Rating: 95 min (7/10 (2,993 votes) votes)

This movie tells the possibly true story of Melvin Dummar. Melvin is a nice guy, but he is a total loser: unlucky, impractical and can't keep a job. One night, however, he helps an old man who has had a motorcycle accident in the desert. Melvin laughs when the old man says he is Howard Hughes, the eccentric multimillionaire. But when Howard Hughes dies, Melvin is mailed a will leaving him part of the estate!

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