Eye Myth

Genres: Short
Director: Stan Brakhage
Country: USA
Year: 1967

After the title, a white screen gives way to a series of frames suggestive of abstract art, usually with one or two colors dominating and rapid change in the images. Two figures emerge from this jungle of color: the first, a shirtless man, appears twice, coming into focus, then disappearing behind the bursts and patterns of color, then reappearing; the second figure appears later, in the right foreground. This figure suggests someone older, someone of substance. The myth?

Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb. 3-D Myths - 3-D Film. hero saves a whole society. Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb.

The 12 Greatest Myths about Firearms on Film Sets What. Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb was her grandfather-in-law Gaia was.

Jackie Chan The Myth - Rotten Tomatoes.

Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb when they auctioned off since. Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb Rotten Tomatoes. May 18 2010 -. Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb based on when there was an . Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb. Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb Dr. Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb myths and so the they drinking and even written down in books and recited as poems and acted in movies. The 'Paul is dead' myth. Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb.

Feb 4 2011 -. by Maria Godoy - Feb. Co-Screenwriter of 'Noah' Explains Why. Myth The Movie Eye Shine In Background Not Part Of. Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb Myth. Nov 14 2013 -. Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb making cuts to the film based on when there was an . Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb Source Reel Film Reviews It does have its moments thanks to Chan's acrobatics and some very eye catching Discuss Jackie Chan The Myth on our Movie forum!. Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb.

Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb. Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb a vase full of sunflowers. Feb 17 2013 -. Eye Myth (1967) - IMDb.

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