East Side of Heaven

Genres: Comedy, Family, Musical, Romance
Actors: Bing Crosby, Joan Blondell, Mischa Auer, Irene Hervey, C. Aubrey Smith, Robert Kent, Jerome Cowan, Baby Sandy, Jane Jones, Rose Valyda, Helen Warner, Jack Powell, Matty Malneck
Director: David Butler
Country: USA
Year: 1939
IMDB Rating: 88 min (6.6/10 (96 votes) votes)

Singer Denny Martin's marriage to telephone operator Mary Wilson has been postponed several times already and is delayed once again when he changes jobs from singing telegrams to being a singing cab driver. His friend Cyrus Barrett Jr. is the scion of an autocratic millionaire father who is determined to wrest custody of his grandson from his alcoholic son and wife Mona. After Cyrus goes into rehab to dry out on Denny's advice, Barrett Sr. legally moves against his daughter-in-law and tries to have her arrested on kidnapping charges. A desperate Mona leaves Denny in charge of her infant son until she can locate the younger Barrett, but this presents new complications for Denny and his Russisn roommate Nicky as fiancée Mary becomes suspicious that Denny may be seeing another woman.

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East Side of Heaven (1939) Cinemas. East Side of Heaven (1939) - IMDb External links 1936 Pennies from. East Side of Heaven (1939) - IMDb Butler with Bing Crosby Joan Blondell Mischa Auer at Turner. Lil Jon & The.

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