Clowning Around

Genres: Short, Action, Comedy
Actors: Rodrig Andrisan, Andy Bainbridge, Rodion Bakatin, Megan Booth, Danny Clarke, Joe Cullen, Elena Dapelo, Maria de Souza Figueriedo, Taliesin Edwards, Meddy Ford, Matthew Gainsford, Sophia Gainsford, Leo Hayman, Leilani Holmes, Sommer-Leigh Jordan
Director: Damien Cullen
Country: UK
Year: 2013
IMDB Rating: 15 min (6.6/10 (11 votes) votes)

There was a time when Bonzo was the best clown in town. However, after being undermined by his rival Mr. Fernelli, Bonzo finds himself on a downward spiral of alcoholism. After receiving a message from 'Clowns UK' (the governing body for clowns) that they are reviewing his clowning license, Bonzo decides this may be his last chance to prove to himself, the authorities and the local community that he can be the clown he once was and decides to get his business back, taking on Mr. Fernelli in the ultimate 'Clown Off.' But as he sets on his path, his addiction haunts him at every turn and he finds that sometimes even when you win, you really lose.

Clowning Around (1992) - IMDb. Clowning Around (1992) - IMDb.

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Clowning Around (1992) - IMDb.

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